Open Everyday, from 7am til 10pm

13 E Park Ave, Savannah GA 31401


"a haven for indie film, live music
and literary readings."

New York Times

Lonely Planet Recommended 2013

Since 2001, Brewing Coffee and Community

Organic, fair trade, and home made food, drinks, art, and entertainment.

About Us

Sentient (adj): having sense of perception; conscious. “I think that I am a sentient being” or “Where is the Sentient Bean anyway?”

Warm colors, high ceilings, and delicious smells greet each customer at The Sentient Bean, Savannah’s only vegetarian restaurant; The Bean attracts a diverse crowd, giving the neighborhood a place to relax and socialize while sipping a cappuccino or nibbling on a scone. Seating is available inside and in our unique funky outdoor courtyard.

The Sentient Bean coffee house is converted to a performance space most nights, sometimes an intimate crowd of 20 listening to music, sometimes standing room only for spoken work artists. The Bean presents an eclectic array of events from ultra indie movies & cult films, to nationally acclaimed acoustic bands & solo acts, to poetry and literary readings, to educational and community forums. During shows, the coffee house offers light meals, fresh baked goods and dessert, as well as coffee, tea, and smoothies.

Read the Times, play a game or listen to the staff regale you with tales of their trips to the coffeelands. There is always great music in the air along with the smell of organic, fair trade coffee and teas. Our brew is matched by a daily menu of inspired high-quality cuisine, including panini sandwiches, home-baked scones, and a variety of beverages and goodies using mainly organic ingredients and lots of local produce.

Our name, The Sentient Bean, is more than just a play on words; it is an expression of our ethic. We serve all organic and fair trade coffee, which guarantees that low-income farmers and artisans receive a fair price for their products so they may feed, educate, and care for their families. We are conscious of our impact on our community and our world.

Read about the beginning, check us out in news, or come visit us yourself.

Bean Staff

The Founders

Kelli Pearson

Tall and mischievous, Kelli can usually be found enjoying a good laugh with the New Yorker and rocking out to Dick Dale. Now she’s off to travel the world, but you may still catch a glimpse of her in The Bean in between adventures.

Kristin Russell

Rosie the Riveter meets Julia Child, but oh so much more. Kristin has the brains, the brawn, and the best overalls.

The Owners

Kristin Russell and Claren Jamerson

Claren has joined forces with Kristin as owners of the Bean, creating a dynamic duo that keeps the Bean running day to day and always growing towards ever expanding horizons. When she’s not behind the counter or in the kitchen at the Bean, you’ll find Claren cruising around town on her bike headed towards the latest exciting event Savannah has to offer.