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13 E Park Ave, Savannah GA 31401


"a haven for indie film, live music
and literary readings."

New York Times

Lonely Planet Recommended 2013

Since 2001, Brewing Coffee and Community

Organic, fair trade, and home made food, drinks, art, and entertainment.

Music and Event Booking Information

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Basic Info

For booking, please click here to submit your profile. All booking inquires are handled via email, please do not call or mail any unsolicited materials. We do our best to listen and consider every request, however we cannot respond to all. We strive to book talented performers that we truly enjoy and believe our audiences would support.

The Sentient Bean is a small space with bouncy acoustics. The room lends itself to acoustic music, however, we are open to many genres. We generally do not book metal, grunge, “alternative”, or cover bands.

The Space

Used as seating during the day, it is easily transformed into a comfortable and semi-professional performance space. During shows, the coffee house offers light meals, beer and wine, fresh baked goods, as well as coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. Crowds are typically from 20 to 70 people.


great acoustics | vaulted 22 ft wood ceiling | modest 10×11 ft stage | seats up to 70 | seating can be arranged with tables or in rows | PA System: two house speakers, two Sure mics with boom stands, Mackie 8 channel powered mixer | spotlight | smoke free |


Just to clarify, we are not a club, we are a coffee shop (and a little more). We do not pay guarantees, and generally performers accept donations and tips. If you’ve never played The Sentient Bean, we will most likely operate under a suggested donation, however, if a strong local is added to the bill or a you are a well known performer, a cover charge can be initiated. If the Sentient Bean decides to book your band, the details of payment will be handled during the scheduling process.


We make a big effort to promote our events, including our website, in-house calendar of events, extensive email list, and our facebook page. In large part, however, the promotion is up to you!! We need approximately five 11×17 posters, and a stack of quarter sized flyers if you have them. Flyers should include a short description of your music or a media quote.

Be sure to send your information to the local media. A contact sheet will be emailed to you in the booking process.

Visual Arts at the Sentient Bean

*Please note, our visual art space is fully BOOKED THROUGH FALL 2015

The Sentient Bean, though not a gallery per se, typically has art on the wall that is offered for sale. We consider the shows as adding to the general ambiance of the place and a way of sharing local talent with the community. We have no set policy as to what we will or will not accept; rather we choose whatever tickles our fancy and are under no obligation to explain ourselves. We are willing and excited to hang artwork that deals with sensitive topics and frequently we push the boundaries of what is acceptable, but even we have our limits.

Policy for exhibitions

  • Shows are generally up for a month, but the exact dates are at the discretion of our special events manager.
  • There is no fee to hang.
  • The artist(s) are responsible for hanging and taking down their own show. The Sentient Bean staff will assist as necessary. A limited number of tools and supplies are provided.
  • All sales will be through the Sentient Bean. No work will be considered sold until it is paid for in full. The artist will receive one check at the end of the show for all work sold.
  • The Sentient Bean will take a 30% commission on all artwork and will donate half of that commission to a local, independent non-profit of the artist choosing. A list of acceptable organizations can be provided.
  • Opening or closing receptions may be booked through our special events manager and any food or drink served must be purchased from The Bean (catering menu available).
  • The artist assumes all responsibility for the possibility of their work being damaged or stolen by our patrons.

Rental of the Sentient Bean

Generally speaking, we do not rent out the Bean for any private affairs during regular business hours. Arrangements can be made to rent the space after hours (usually for filming) for the fees listed below.

It is possible to reserve space for a meeting of 12 or less people at slow times with the understanding that you never really know what will happen at The Bean and we aren’t making any promises.

We usually tolerate filming or photography during regular business hours as long as you do not disturb any of our patrons and ask their permission before photographing or filming them. Of course we reserve the right to halt any of this sort of activity if we feel you are causing an unacceptable disruption of our business.

After-hours rental policy

  • A $100 deposit must be paid one week in advance
  • The proposed schedule must be approved by the special events manager
  • A Sentient Bean employee must be on hand during the entire rental period and the renter must pay this employee $10/hour.
  • Renters may not use the space until 10:30 pm and must be out of the space at 5:30 am.
  • In addition to paying an employee, the renter must pay a minimum of $50 and $10 for every hour beyond the first two hours. This amount must be paid in advance with a good-faith estimate of time needed. An extra time can be either paid at the end of the rental period or taken out of the deposit.
  • After all fees are paid, if no damage to the property or contents has occurred, the $100 deposit will be refunded.