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All of our coffee is 100% fair trade, organic, and shade grown; roasted in small batches by our dear friends at Cafe Campesino.


Our cow's milk is from Southern Swiss Dairy just up the road in Waynesboro, GA and we also offer organic, unsweetened soy and almond milk.


Recieve a $.25 discount if you bring in your own mug!


All teas, juices, and sodas are also organic.

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Drip Coffee

three single origin roasts offered daily


Iced Coffee

cold brewed coffee served over ice



espresso, a dash of sugar, shaken over ice



a shot of concentrated dark coffee



espresso in a cup of hot water


Shot in the Dark

espresso in a cup of coffee



espresso shots marked with foamed milk



espresso shots with an equal amount of steamed milk



espresso with steamed milk



espresso, steamed milk and froth



medium roast espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, a dash of vanilla, topped with whipped cream


Frozen Mocha

espresso, chocolate, milk, and ice blended


Frozen Vanilla Latte

espresso, vanilla, milk and ice blended


**All coffee drinks available iced


made with real fruit, several flavors available


Hot Tea

Wide selection of caffeinated and herbal Rishi Teas


Hot Chocolate

steamed milk with cocoa


Iced Tea

see our board for daily selections


Hot Cider

apple cider served with a cinnamon stick


Italian Soda

sparkling water with a flavored syrup


Fresh Lemon or Limeade

freshly squeezed organic soda and juices

we use real fruit blended with yogurt, milk, pineapple juice, or soy milk


Tea Lattes

all served with our choice of steamed milk



a spicy, sweet black tea with milk


Yerba Matte

a traditional South American beverage


Red Tea Latte

Rooibos tea pulled like espresso

Whole Beans

100% fair trade and organic, roasted by cafe campesino


We have many single origin beans available for bulk purchase in four different roast styles: medium, full-city, Viennese, and French.


All beans are roasted to order by Cafe Campesino in Americus - Georgia's first and only 100% fair trade, organic coffee company.

Open Everyday 7am - 9pm

13 E Park Ave, Savannah GA 31401


Since 2001. Brewing Coffee and Community.


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The Sentient Bean
The Sentient Bean