Lunch and Dinner

Served from 11am - 9pm

salads & soups


heart of gold $6.95

organic greens, red onion, feta cheese, roasted

red pepper, artichoke hearts and toasted walnuts

served with two crostinis and our house balsamic


house salad $6.00

organic greens, red onion, carrot, tomato and

cucumber, with one crostini


salad du jour $7.25

whatever is fresh and delicious, with two crostinis


curried tofu salad $6.95

baked tofu, cashews, and peanuts in a

curried sauce served with cucumbers and

carrots on a bed of greens, with a crostini


pump up the protein salad $7.25

hard boiled egg, black beans, avocado, feta, red

onion, roasted red peppers & sunflower seeds on

spinach, with 2 crostini & house dressing


vegan super-bowl $7.25

beans, grains, greens, veggies, marinated tempeh,

avocado, nut pate & dressing, layered in a bowl


side salad $3.00

soup - cup with one crostini $4.50

soup - bowl with two crostinis



BBQ tofu tacos $7.75

bbq tofu, mixed greens, roasted red

pepper, salad turnips and spicy sauce on

3 corn tortillas served with greens


vegan breakfast tacos $7.50

tofu scramble, black beans, spicy

veganaise and spinach on 3 corn tortillas

served with salsa


breakfast tacos $7.75

two eggs, black beans, spinach, and

cheddar on 3 corn tortillas served with salsa


greek tacos $7.75

hummus, feta, spinach, tomato, kalamata

olives, and tzatziki on 3 warm corn tortillas

served with a side of greens


G*F*B*C* $7.75

Trust the cook? Let us make you 3 corn

tacos with fresh and delicious ingredients and

a side of greens

panini sandwich + side of greens


greek isles $7.25

hummus, feta, kalamata olives, tomato,

spinach and tadziki sauce


zesto pesto $7.25

pesto, red onion, mozzarella, tomato and spinach


panini du jour $7.25

seasonal vegetables and cheese


in a tortilla


black bean & cheese quesedilla $5.75

served with homemade salsa


queso no queso $6.75

hummus, red onion, spinach and tomato


bbq wrap + side of greens $7.25

marinated tofu, greens, cucumber, roasted

red pepper and spicy mayo


Beanie’s choice + side of greens $7.25

trust the cook? then why decide? a surprise

of the day’s delicious combo in a wrape


on a potato + side of greens


cheddar $5.75

butter, sour cream and cheddar


stuffed $6.50

feta, butter, spinach, red onion and tomato


green $5.75

spinach, feta and butter

other fresh stuff


crostini plate $6.25

4 crostinis and 3 dips


Robert’s vegan entree $8.25


Check the specials board to see what entree

is delicious, hot, fresh, and vegan. There is no

way to tell what the cook will come up with...

Always served with a big, fresh side salad.


spinach, mixed greens, red onion $.50

black beans, carrots, roasted red peppers,

seasonal veggies


hummus, pesto, cheddar, mozzarella $1.00

nuts, dips, goat cheese, artichoke hearts,

roasted garlic

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