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"a haven for indie film, live music
and literary readings."

New York Times

Lonely Planet Recommended 2013

Since 2001, Brewing Coffee and Community

Organic, fair trade, and home made food, drinks, art, and entertainment.

Catering Information

We specialize in custom menus for meetings, art openings, parties, and more featuring vegetarian and vegan options! We use organic and local ingredients and are thrilled to help you maximize your support of the the local food system and the health of your community. Seriously.

Looking for something sweet? Our specialty cakes, sweet breads, and baked goods can be made to order. Vegan? No problem! We have a variety of desserts and cakes that are vegan friendly and can adapt almost any recipe to fit your dietary needs.

To help create less waste, we provide reusable platters (available for a small, refundable deposit). We are also happy to use any of your favorite serving dishes if you bring them in to us. Disposable containers are available at an extra charge.

Contact: Kristin Russell- / 912-220-8757

Please note that this is only a partial list of some of our standard dishes to give you an idea of pricing. We are happy to work with you on a wide variety of options. we can order special ingredients when allowed enough time.

Coffee * 128 oz To Go Joes (disposable, cardboard) – $15 each, recommended for 10-12 people air pots – $8, $20 deposit per pot – recommended for 6-8 people fixins: 10 oz cups, stir sticks, sugar/fake sugar, napkins – $3.00 for every 10 people

Basic Platters (hearty for 5 people, snacking for 10/15)
  • bread and hummus * – $15
  • 3 veggies and one dip * – $18
  • fruit and cheese – $20
  • wrap bites ** – $18 up to 4 ingredients

Baked Goods ** (75% or more organic ingredients– wide variety available)
  • Sweet breads – $20
  • Cookies – $15.00/dozen (smaller than our retail jumbo cookies)
  • Cobblers or brownies – $30.00 per dozen

Box Lunch deals – minimum order of 10, 24 hours advance ordering
  • small lunch- $5.50:half a panini sandwich, small garden salad and a small cookie or fruit
  • regular lunch – $7.50:full panini sandwich, small garden salad and a small cookie or fruit

Bulk Salads/Sides – based on 20 person quantity, most ingredients organic, local/seasonal ingredients encouraged
  • Garden Salads- $40 – greens, choice of 4 veggies, choice of nut or seed, dressing
  • Hearty Salads – $55 – greens or spinach; choice of 3 veggies; choice of hard-boiled egg, bean, soy, or TVP protein; choice of nut or seed, choice of cheese
  • Bean Salad – $35 – mix of 3 organic beans with onion, carrot, herb and spices – wide variety of flavors available
  • Potato Salad- $35- you know this stuff
  • Coleslaw – $25 – ours is light on the mayo and spicy but can adjust to your tastes

Casseroles – 12 portions
  • Frittata – $48 – layered egg and potato casserole made with your choice of veggies and cheese
  • Veggie Lasagna ** – $48 – picture a veggie in place of noodles
  • Tofu Parmesan ** – $52 – picture breaded and baked tofu layered with marinara and cheese

* vegan by nature
** available vegan