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New York Times

Lonely Planet Recommended 2013

Since 2001, Brewing Coffee and Community

Organic, fair trade, and home made food, drinks, art, and entertainment.

What’s Going On In The Neighborhood

Think you’ve got a story worth telling?

If you or someone you know is doing something cool in our neighborhood, or you want to do something cool and need to get the word out, email me at and if it tickles my fancy, I’ll post it here until the next cool thing comes along.

2011 Savannah Yoga Center Charity Calendar • SYC’s First Calendar

The intention behind making this calendar is to give back to the Savannah Community. All of the proceeds each year will be given to a local person or organization in need. This year is the first calendar and proceeds will benefit Dawn Smith. This spring Dawn incurred some hefty medical bills after a nasty bicycle accident. We hope to help Dawn get back on her feet and out from under the mountain of medical bill debt.

Hear that low key buzz about community gardens?

Keep your eye on SUGA – Savannah Urban Garden Association. I think at this point the have a group on Facebook and you can find members at the second Saturday events at the Forsyth Farmers Market. Things are coming together on the community garden front and if you are truly interested, it’s a good time to get involved. Start by contacting your neighborhood association and letting them know you are interested.

Stressed out? Maybe making some art will help.

Check out Nine.One.Two – a new non-profit art therapy space at 114 E. 40th St. For a schedule of open studios inquire at and find more info at