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"a haven for indie film, live music
and literary readings."

New York Times

Lonely Planet Recommended 2013

Since 2001, Brewing Coffee and Community

Organic, fair trade, and home made food, drinks, art, and entertainment.

8:00PM • Suggested Donation

Twin Courage is stripped down, good old fashioned, portable music. A couple of people playing a couple of things, all for the betterment of mankind.

Lovely Locks has evolved into a lushly harmonious, infectiously up-tempo rock outfit with a sound that’s a little Warpaint, a little Veruca Salt, and a lot of attitude. With a no-holds-barred, can’t-miss live show, Lovely Locks offers vocal-centric rock ‘n’ roll that smacks like bubblegum and digs its claws in for an unforgettable performance.

8:00PM • $7.00

For over a decade now, The Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah has been repeatedly named the BEST LOCAL FILM SERIES in annual reader polls. The PFS of SAV shows obscure and/or underappreciated films from around the world every Wednesday at the Sentient Bean (and occasionally on other nights as well). Whether extremely well-made or “so bad they’re good,” their selections are always rare, unique and memorable.


There is only one GEORGE A. ROMERO, co-creator of the SUPREMELY influential “Zombie Apocalypse Ethos,” and director of such flat-out indie cinema classics as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, MARTIN, DAWN OF THE DEAD, CREEPSHOW, KNIGHTRIDERS, THE DARK HALF and more.

An outspoken, literate, thoughtful and headstrong artist who rarely compromises his vision for the sake of commerce or mainstream marketability, Romero offers savagely unique outlooks on the world around us.

In fact, noted movie fan (and no slouch of a director and writer himself) QUENTIN TARANTINO famously said of Romero in 2009, “The ‘A’ in his name stands for ‘A f*cking genius.’”

In honor of Romero’s 75th trip around the sun, we’re thrilled to present a rare, public screening of one of his least-known motion pictures.

While the exact title will not be revealed before showtime (that’s a big part of the fun!), we can tell you that it’s a minor gem in his ouevre, that is rarely spoken about by critics or fans.

However, if you’re a Romero fan, you will doubtlessly enjoy this flick – and even if you’re not already a huge fan of Romero’s work, it will be easy to appreciate the flair with which it was made.

So, we hope you’ll trust our judgment, show up, buy a ticket and take a chance.

We think you’ll not regret doing so!

We’ll also be raffling off some free movie passes and odd prizes from the PFS archives before the show.

So, make sure to bring a few extra bucks with you for Raffle Tickets…

$7 admission for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!

Seating at 7:30pm / Show starts at 8:00pm

Award-Winning Organic Vegetarian Food + Fair-Trade Coffees & Teas + Micro-Brew Beers & Wines Available

8:00PM • $5.00

Now a full fledged six piece band with members from all over the Southeast, Charlie and the Foxtrots started as an idea in a small Georgia town. They are a pop/folk six piece blending their unique styles to create a dynamic alliance you won’t forget. By mixing folk and pop, this group will leave you with an emotionally enveloped feeling of comfort and musical satisfaction.

8:00PM • Suggested Donation

Caethua is Clare Hubbard, multi-instrumentalist. She’s currently working under the name Clay Camero, writing dark strange cowboy songs.

Jeff Zagers performs a variety of electro-acoustic songs consisting of orginal compositons and covers ranging from rahsaan roland kirk to 1930’s crooner ballads.

7:00PM • Free

Savannah is at a crossroads. One foot is planted in the past, another reaching toward the future.

What will Savannah's future look like?

Back with their second-ever Monday Means Community event, Port City Cultural Alliance is eager to start the conversation by featuring Savannah Undocumented Youth Alliance SUYA. Led by President, Marisol Estrada, SUYA is a grassroots organization composed of undocumented youth and their allies who work to end the Georgia College Ban, Policy Manual 4.1.6, which prevents many deserving young people from attending college. SUYA organizers will share their experiences of seeking out equal education access and how this policy has affected that journey. Together they will hold an open-panel discussion, sharing their stories of the impact of this policy on their lives, as well as engaging in a guided dialogue with audience members on how they can help. A short Q and A will be held at the end, followed by more conversation at a neighborhood bar.

You’ll get to meet many of Savannah’s emerging young leaders, be a part of a larger discussion on who counts as a person and learn about some ways that you can be a bigger part of what Savannah’s future is going to look like.

8:00PM • Free

A poetry and music open mic with an emphasis on sharing new, original, thoughtful work, hosted at the Bean on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Sign up at 7:30, show starts at 8 sharp. Performers are given 4 minutes to do their best work. Original material is encouraged. Visit the Facebook page for more information.

8:00PM • Free

The monthly Open Mic Comedy Night gives you a chance to test out your comedic skills, or just bring your sense of humor and enjoy the show! Usually not family friendly!

8:00PM • 
8:00PM • 

Joe Cat is an Americana Singer/Songwriter living in Athens Georgia. Growing up listening to classic rock radio in Endicott, New York. His Americana style gained many of it’s roots from that sound. Over the past few decades, he has worked and lived in many different areas of the East Coast.

Savannahian Alex Raffray plays charming folk/americana music. Expect guitar and harmonicas with 85% originals and 15% traditional songs.

8:00PM • 

This documentary is about mass media and how consolidation in the industry has impacted the journalism profession – specifically with regards to investigative journalism and news.

The film features many incredible journalists, activists and academics such as Danny Glover, Dan Rather, Amy Goodman, Julian Assange, David Simon, Daniel Ellsberg, Norman Solomon, Dick Gregory, Robert McChesney, Janine Jackson, Jeff Cohen, John Nichols, and Chris Hedges (to name a few).

8:00PM • 
8:00PM • 

Red Neckromancer is on tour to support their first release “Tickle the Pitchfork”. They’re influenced by traditional banjo tunes, honey tonk country, Mojo Nixon, and 80s thrash metal. “Red Neckromancer parks their camper somewhere in between David Allen Coe and Slayer on their way to NOFX’s Heavy Petting Zoo.”

8:00PM • $10.00 Suggested Donation

From Irish and Americana to Worldbilly, Moira Nelligan and the Dixie Jigs will captivate you with fiddle tunes and folk songs that will make you sing, dance, laugh, and cry! Moira is joined by mandolin maestro George Norman and champion fiddler/guitarist Mickey Nelligan.