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13 E Park Ave, Savannah GA 31401


"a haven for indie film, live music
and literary readings."

New York Times

Lonely Planet Recommended 2013

Since 2001, Brewing Coffee and Community

Organic, fair trade, and home made food, drinks, art, and entertainment.

8:00PM • $5.00

A melting pot of sounds, Charlie and the Foxtrots draw on its members influences to create poppy, energetic writing intertwined with country/folk instrumentation. When you attend a live show prepare to be hit with both, a wall of sound they create by blending their unique styles into an electric dynamic alliance, and a broken down “Blugrassy” performance.

6:00PM • Free

First Friday Art March is a monthly collaborative community experience, combining business, art, and the public. It provides cultural and economic heartbeat in the Starland district, spreading the vibrancy and entrepreneurial spirit of this area throughout the city.

The featured art show at the Bean for the month of November is “Mustard Seed” by Joshua Beckler. “Mustard Seed” refers to the tiny seed that grows into a large tree. This will be an all original, new series of graffiti and watercolor art work stemming from Beckler’s last show in February at The Bean. This series is an exploration of his life over the last 9 months: from faith and spirit, to sin, lust, idols, and women. After years of trying to perfect, controlled ink drawings, and a break up with a critical girlfriend, Beckler seemingly exploded with new techniques, colors, and styles. Most of these paintings were made under the influence of worship music, gluten free beer, and loneliness in suburban Savannah.

8:00PM • Free

A poetry and music open mic with an emphasis on sharing new, original, thoughtful work, hosted at the Bean on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Sign up at 7:30, show starts at 8 sharp. Performers are given 4 minutes to do their best work. Original material is encouraged. Visit the Facebook page for more information.

8:00PM • Free

The monthly Open Mic Comedy Night gives you a chance to test out your comedic skills, or just bring your sense of humor and enjoy the show! Usually not family friendly!